Now On! People’s History Museum
Manchester 19th May – 11th July 2021
Sunday 27th June 2021 panel discussion and presentation details tbc

MY HOME IS NOT MY HOME is an exhibition and video installation made by The Voice of Domestic Workers, a group of migrant domestic workers. It gives a unique and intimate insight into a hidden world of exploitation, abuse and ultimately, strength in solidarity and community.

TRAILER for video installation ‘Our Journey‘, which forms part of the exhibition ‘My Home Is Not My Home‘ by the Voice of Domestic Workers

By turns beautiful, heroic, shocking, comforting, unsettling

Keep The Door To My Lips: The Unspoken Cost of of Work Exhibition
Stephen Lawrence Gallery August 2019

Through a powerful and moving image installation, photography, artworks and documents, this exhibition invites us into the lives of the thousands of migrant domestic workers toiling in private households in the UK today. 

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